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Pleiades Villas Naxos

about us

Pleiades Villas Naxos is the perfect choice for an unforgettable holiday. Located just 2 km from the center of the island and only 1.5 km from the airport, in the quiet and picturesque area of ​​Aggidia, our villas with the unparalleled Cycladic design and the aesthetic of "unpretentious luxury" together with the panoramic Aegean view will reward you for your choice.

Two luxurious villas, constructed in 2020, with private pool and a specially designed outdoor space with BBQ, living-dining room and pergola, private parking and all modern comforts designed to meet all your needs.

Our hospitality and our unique amenities combined with the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea, the idyllic sunset and the microclimate of the area, which has the lowest levels of humidity, will complement the puzzle of your ideal travel experience at Pleiades Villas Naxos.

The “welcome basket” with our local products and handmade preparations made equally with local products with a lot of love and passion will introduce you, giving you a first taste, in the gastronomic culture of the island.

our name

According to Greek mythology, the Pleiades were the daughters of Titan Atlanta and Ocean Pleioni; they were seven, like the stars of the constellation visible to the naked eye (Maia, Taygetis, Electra, Sterope, Kelaino, Alkyoni, Merope). The ancient Greeks inspired their existence by the homonym constellation, which in modern times became known as Puglia. Several of the Olympian gods had love affairs with the seven heavenly sisters and gods and heroes were born from their union.

Pleiades were considered nymphs in the escort of the goddess Artemis and together with the Hyades were the feeders and the teachers of the little god Dionysus. Dionysus, god of fun and wine, has linked his name to the island of Naxos, where he finds Ariadne, falls in love with her and marries her.

Inspired by the history of Pleiades, we chose to give our villas two of their names (Alkyoni and Kelaino)… So…

Welcome to the constellation of relaxation and carefreeness!